absorbed dose (Gy or rad), the equivalent dose (Sv or REM) and the effective dose Air kerma is defined as kinetic energy (in Joules [J]) trans- ferred from x- ray 


Absorbed dose is defined as the amount of energy deposited by ionizing radiation in a substance. Absorbed dose is given the symbol D. The absorbed dose is usually measured in a unit called the gray (Gy), which is derived from the SI system.

In fact, RM and BL absorbed doses are calculated as being the sum of both direct irradiation due to activity located within them and Absorbed dose was calculated by using MIRD formula [15]; ~~ ( ) k h kh h D ASorD r A S r r== ←∑ (8) Where D(rk) is absorbed dose of the target tissue (rad or Gy), ̃h is the accumulated activity in source tissue (µCi-hr or MBq-sec) and S (rk ←rh ) called S factor which is defined as the mean absorbed dose Equivalent dose of absorbed radiation is data on radiation received by the body, calculated by multiplying the absorbed dose rate and a special coefficient, which is called the relative biological efficiency coefficient (RBE). But it is also often referred to as a quality factor. The absorbed dose to water determined based on the in-air measurement by an ionization chamber using the air kerma calibration requires the complicated conversion of air kerma into absorbed dose to water (water kerma) at the water phantom surface, as indicated by equation (1). In addition, Bwand [(¯µ To simplify the calculation of the absorbed dose, only 1 specific time point is simulated, for which the absorbed dose in each organ is calculated by assuming an effective half-time equal to the physical decay of 131 I, without considering any redistribution of the activity.A summary of the evaluation procedure is presented in Figure 3, in which the SPECT-based distributions of activity and The absorbed dose rate is the absorbed dose per unit time, designated by Ḋ. If the amount of activity in a source remains constant over the period of interest, the absorbed dose D can be calculated as follows: where t = the time over which dose is calculated.

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Absorbed dose is given the symbol D. The absorbed dose is usually measured in a unit called the gray (Gy), which is derived from the SI system. Any expression for the absorbed dose containing interaction cross sections and particle fluences or other parameters pertinent to an actual radiation field is here called a solution to the absorbed dose equation, eq 3 or eq 5. Such a solution makes it possible, at least in principle, to quantify the absorbed dose in actual cases. The absorbed dose is simply calculated by these equation.

absorbed dose to the blood (BL) due to the total activity administered. Therefore, we must know both the cumulated activity to blood and to the rest of the body (RoB). In fact, RM and BL absorbed doses are calculated as being the sum of both direct irradiation due to activity located within them and

The effective dose is calculated as the weighted average of the mean absorbed dose to the various body organs and tissues, where the weighting factor is the radiation detriment for a given organ (from a whole‐body irradiation) as a fraction of the total radiation detriment. Equivalent dose (symbol H T) is a dose quantity calculated for individual organs (index T – tissue).

Absorbed dose is calculated as

The effective dose is calculated by multiplying the 'equivalent dose' absorbed by each organ with a weighting factor specific to it and then adding the total. The sum of all the different weighting factors must be equal to 1.

Absorbed dose is calculated as

Attempts were done from time to time to calculate the absorbed dose to these indicator organisms and to animals which were eating.

Absorbed dose is calculated using a ‘phantom’ which roughly mimics a patient (the term phantom just means an object that we put in the scanner to mimic a patient in some way). Typically, a plastic cylinder is used as it has similar x-ray absorption properties to tissue in the body. he absorbed dose D to a target region from activity in a source region is calculated as the product between the time-integrated activity .
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Absorbed dose is calculated as

The non-SI unit rad is sometimes also used, predominantly in the USA. Absorbed dose is the amount of energy deposited by radiation in a mass. The mass can be anything: water, rock, air, people, etc.

data, taking into account that in rats about 15 % of the applied dose is absorbed through the skin. Equivalent dose - Absorbed dose in gray to a particular organ is calculated and then mul tiplied by the radiation weighting factor to take account of the effects of  Philips DoseWise Portal, a radiation dose management software, provides The first step in building an effective radiation dose management strategy is Calculates and displays visual and analytical representation of peak radiation skin  The maximum recommended dose of Fjallirone is 10 mg/320 mg/25 mg.
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Absorbed dose is calculated as ab six pack diet
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In this study, a simple model for the narrow-beam absorbed dose is described. It is shown that broad-beam dose data are sufficient to predict a narrow-beam dose. The dose is calculated as a sum of primary and scatter components given in the form of respective analytical functions.

Characterisation of a planar dosimetry method estimating the absorbed dose to and the bonemarrow dose was calculated as a sum of the self and cross dose  The absorbed dose delivered in one rotation can then be inferred from dose for the calculation of the ratio between the stationary and rotational depth dose  Absorbed-dose and dose-equivalent rates for astronauts were estimated by The calculations quantitatively show that the effective doses for astronauts are  Model-based dose calculation algorithms (MBDCAs), recently introduced systems (TPS) for brachytherapy, calculate tissue absorbed doses.